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Winged Leviathan - The Story of the Humpback Whale by Phil Clapham with photographs by Colin Baxter
Few animals inspire such wonder as the great whales, and the humpback whale can stake a fair claim to being the most beloved of all. Known for its spectacular breaching displays, ingenious feeding methods and its haunting song, the humpback is today a staple of the whale-watching industry in many countries. Yet for centuries humpback whales enjoyed no such relationship with humans, and were instead the focus of a relentless commercial hunt that almost rendered them extinct.
195 x 275 mm
192 pages
146 colour photographs

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Global Warming
Mark Maslin
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Stephen Leatherman
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Robert W Shumaker
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Tony Martin
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All £9.95 titles contain 72 pages, 40–50 colour photos & are 225 x 250 mm, paperbacks.

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